A personalized corporate support

just for you

A personalized corporate support

just for you

Contact with our professionals to find the best solution to your corporate doubts.

A comprehensive advice
based on years of experience

Achieve your strategic goals
easily with
our professionals.

A multidisciplined office very close to you

Benefit from a local and committed team.

STRATEGOS has technical knowledge and professional experience that allow our customers to optimize to the maximum their businesses, heritages and operations.

General Accounting tasks, invoices issuing and control, payment management… We cover all the processes related to the administrative and financial management of an organization.

We have proven experience in merger and acquisitions (M&A) operations, company law, restructuring and trade contracts development and monitoring.

We support our customers in their staff management, advising them in the field of the current labour legislation and being able to assume operational management tasks.

If you are interested in investing in our country or in obtaining a residence permit, our multidisciplinary team will study your case and will advise you throughout the process, offering you support and legal advice in the fiscal, administrative, labour and social areas.