General Accounting tasks, invoices issuing and control, payment management… We cover all the processes related to the administrative and financial management of an organization.

Tax return development and presentation

We prepare and present tax returns in accordance with the particularities of the organization and current tax legislation.

Preparation and presentation of annual accounts and official books

We prepare the organization annual accounts in accordance with the official forms and current legislation. Likewise, we present them to the Company Registry.

Temporary outsourcing to assume workloads or temporary vacancies.

Temporary outsourcing to assume workloads or temporary vacancies.

Financial and administrative management

We have professionals who can assume these functions if there is an executive vacancy in the organization.

Support in the optimization of administrative processes

We have the necessary capacity and knowledge to analyse, suggest and accompany the organization in the processes of redefining functions and tasks, with the aim of optimizing procedures and reducing costs.

General and financial management support

Valuation of the companies and productive units

We have the necessary experience to carry out companies and business units’ assessment, adopting in each case the valuation method that best suits the nature of the activity.

Advice and participation in significant agreements negotiations

We advise and participate in the negotiation process of significant agreements, from the analysis of the different aspects and risks to be considered to the completion of the corresponding contracts. We are present throughout the formalizing agreements process.

Quotation, treasury plans and reports for senior management

We prepare and periodically monitor the company’s annual budget. We prepare reports related to financial and administrative management, in addition to creating treasury plans with the purpose of optimizing the company’s financial management.

Accounting statements consolidation

The accounting statements consolidation process allows you to have a global view of the different businesses of a group of companies. We carry out this process and prepare the reports for the group senior management, according to the information needs of each customer.

Preventive financial audit

The preventive financial audit allows us to advise and accompany our customers throughout the process of purchasing a company or business, identifying and assessing any possible risks associated with the operation.

Limited reviews

Our services incorporate the possibility of carrying out accounting statements limited reviews, applying international standards in this practice.