STRATEGOS has technical knowledge and professional experience that allow our customers to optimize to the maximum their businesses, heritages and operations.

Tax return development and presentation

Complete fiscal management: declarations and self-assessments presentation, tax register book preparation, customers' tax notifications reception, etc.

Taxation of corporate reorganization

Complete tax advice to optimize taxation. Prior advice (planning) to the realization of any operation or business is essential to achieve this goal.

Tax advice and planning

We ensure that our customers’ reorganization operations benefit, whenever possible, from the special tax regime designed for these operations, to achieve their fiscal neutrality.

Real estate taxation

We have a great deal of experience in advising and planning real estate operations of all kinds (promotion, trading, swaps, etc.), to optimize taxation.

Technical assistance in tax procedures

We assume the technical direction in all kinds of tax procedures to defend the interests of our customers: verification and inspection procedures, tax information requirements and resources within the administrative procedure. Likewise, we provide assistance to lawyers in judicial proceedings regarding tax nature matters.

International tax

We provide fiscal advice to our foreign customers in their investments in Andorra and we accompany our local customers in their expansion to other countries.

Preventive audit

We evaluate the compliance degree of the obliged taxpayer in his fiscal obligations towards the Tax Administration of the Principality of Andorra. Through these tax audit processes we have the ability to detect and inform our customers of the tax risks they might incur.